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Happy 53rd birthday, Papa

I always say, "You're the best man in my life." Yes, every girl (if not all, then majority) would consider their father as their best man.

But if I am asked, I would be firm to claim that you're my man and I want to be with someone like you to share the rest of my days with.

This time, I want to be honest in saying that you're the most important person for me. And I can't imagine how my life would evolve without you.

I love you so much pa, and I mean these words. I promise, I will never forget the things you taught me and the lessons in life you shared to me.

I could still recall when late at night, while all of them were sleeping, we were still awake, talking about things that make sense but in different manners, either joke or serious.

When I was in high school, I could still recall when we argue or debate in English which intrigued our neighbors; the preparing of my breakfast since I was in kindergarten all the way to high school; the helping out of my assignments when I was in elementary; the making of some of my projects; your presence in attending every PTCA meeting; the putting up of my ribbon every closing ceremony; the togetherness while both of us were reading; the times when I was observing you feeding the pigs in the pen until I learn; the cultivating of a small vacant lot and developing it by planting vegetables; the fixing of our damaged shoes and slippers through your talent in sewing using a special material; the walking up at night to check if we are all sleeping...

There are still many memories between us, but the most unforgettable of all was when I was very young that time, you were fixing the fishing net, and I was at the shore playing with the sands alone. I knew I am secured because you were at the reached of my sight. While working, you were watching over me.

Pa, I really love you. I just cry if I miss you because starting the day I entered college, I can seldom see you and talk with you like we usually did before... and because I can only return home once in two or three months.

Pa, you are my greatest teacher and counselor. You are the most generous person I know. This fulfillment I am near to attain in college, I offered to you and to mama.

You are not only good or better, but you are the best person in my world. Thank you Papa Eufemio "Pepe" Acabo. I thank God for giving you to me, to be my father.

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