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Thieves on the go, criminals at large

My board mates often encounter this incident, but I used to not believing to their accounts on thievery because of the fact that I myself neither witnessed the event personally nor perceived using my five senses. But not until I’ve found proofs that their stories on thieves really exist…


It was a fine Tuesday evening. I returned to the boarding house at 10:15PM (NORSU time) from a visit to a course mate’s house in Sibulan. I was supposed to be staying overnight at the publication office but when I checked the time, it was already pass 10:00PM so I just returned home.

Honestly, since the start of classes this new year, that was the first night that I slept in the boarding house because I always stay in the office.

I slept after making my article for business news reporting while my male board mates were drinking outside. My roommate hasn’t returned yet.


According to Maribel, my roommate, I was already asleep when she got in (wasn’t able to ask what time did she return). Since she will be having an exam on the next day, she woke up at pass 3:00AM, but minutes after, from the right window, a right hand waved at her, but the face was unnoticeable. With that, she sensed bad and felt different already, but she can’t manage waking me up, or shout, or even moving the bed.

The arrow points to where Maribel saw a hand waiving

But to ease the fear and anxiousness, she roused the volume of the music from her cellphone and continued studying, yet none of the lessons was absorbed. I could still remember when at exactly 4:07AM, I was able to open my eyes after hearing a loud Christian song, but in a second, closed eyes and back to sleep. My thought says that maybe, that music was played hours ago.

Then she heard a sound near the left window. Later, she discovered that that window was exactly already opened. She felt more scared, but still, didn’t bother waking me up.

At 5:00AM, Khim, our board mate who was about to report to his duty, knocked the door, as he observed that the light inside the room was on and heard that Maribel was studying.

That was the time when Maribel had the chance to tell Khim what she experienced minutes before the latter came. I heard their voices so I woke up and asked what happened.

We went outside to verify the occurrence. In front of my very eyes, I saw the gate tied with a towel so as not to produce noise while they (thieves) get in and out of the compound. Another, the window is really opened, thus, I realized that what if the culprits did get in and killed us, or did anything they wanted to?

Look at the thieves' strategy.


So we woke our board mates up and the whole compound was placed in a terror motion. My male board mates checked the comfort rooms, the trees, the dark areas, outside and anywhere near the place, eager to capture the criminals.

Khim who was hesitant to go out because of the incident texted that “beware of the three teenagers who are by-staying in the Macias Sports Complex”.

With that report, some of my board mates immediately went to the complex, but when they arrived at the place, no one was there, the teenagers have escaped already. But near the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), they saw the sailor’s hat and maneuvering board of Alejandro, our board mate and the birthday celebrant on that day.

That's the hat and maneuvering board owned by our board mate.

But the owner was still asleep that time because of too much alcohol intake. There were three of them inside the room but no one noticed that they were silently attacked by thieves. When his consciousness returned, Alejandro discovered that his cellphone and bag were also taken.

That's the unlucky birthday boy, Alejandro.

While everyone was gathering outside, we suddenly found some pieces of clothes, hanged at the entrance. Carlo then saw that the jacket was his, while the other shorts and t-shirts was that of our other board mates. Aside from that, slippers and shoes were also disarranged.

When my board mates checked their clothes hanged in front of the house of our landlady/lord, Philjun found that his two pants weren’t there anymore. While Dean discovered that two of his t-shirts and a short were also stolen.

But there’s more, Carlo saw the knife owned by one of our board mates outside the compound. That may be would serve as “self-defense” of the criminals. But why didn’t the thieves get the rice cookers freely placed at the washing area?

On the night before this encounter, Kim’s motorcycle was intentionally damaged by still unknown persons. Maybe they were the same wrongdoers who visited the boarding house for two consecutive days.

But whoever these criminals are, time will come that you will be caught and arrested. You brought fright, mess, and trouble to every boarder of Pinero’s residence.

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1 chikaDORAs:

Xtian said...

Thieves nowadays are getting so creative. Just good thing that nobody was hurt. I just think though that they've been "surveying" the boarding house prior to the robbery.