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Mr. and Ms. NORSU 2011 Winners

This is the final result of the recently concluded Mister and Miss Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) 2011. (In case you haven’t watched the pageant night, or you’ve went home before the pageant ends)

Major Awards:

Mr. and Ms. NORSU - Mr. CBA and Ms. CTHM
1st Runner-up - Mr. NORSU-Bais and Ms. CAF
2nd Runner-up - Mr. CIT and Ms. CBA

Minor Awards:

Mr. and Ms. HBC - Mr. CNDPAHS and Ms. CAF
Mr. and Ms. Rose Kim - Mr. NORSU-Bais and Ms. CBA
Mr. and Ms. Professionalism - Mr. CBA and Ms. CEd
Mr. and Ms. Congeniality - Mr. CBA and Ms. CAF
Mr. and Ms. Photogenic - Mr. CBA and Ms. CEd
Mr. and Ms. Smile - Mr. CIT and Ms. NORSU-Guihulngan
Gentleman and Darling of the Press - Mr. CBA and Ms. CAS
Mr. and Ms. Website - Mr. and Ms. NORSU-Bais
Best in Avant-Garde Attire -Mr. CBA and Ms. NORSU-Siaton
Best Swimwear - Mr. CEA and Ms. CTHM
Best in Talent - Mr. NORSU-Bais and Ms. CTHM
Best Speaker - Mr. NORSU-Bais and Ms. CBA
Best in Philippine Terno - Ms. NORSU-Siaton
Best in Barong - Mr. CEA

*Participating Colleges and Campuses
CAF-College of Agriculture and Forestry
CAS-College of Arts and Sciences
CBA-College of Business and Accountancy
CEA-College of Engineering and Architecture
CEd-College of Education
CIT-College of Industrial Technology
CME-College of Maritime Education
CNDPAHS-College of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences
CTHM-College of Tourism and Hospitality Management
NORSU-Bais City Campuses
NORSU-Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus
NORSU-Guihulngan City Campus
NORSU-Mabinay Campus
NORSU-Siaton Campus

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

...complete jud ang information like nako..hehe

optimistic dora said...

@ orange pulps:
hehe, thanks nak!