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They're getting worse

“Kung wala mo’y mahimu sa inyong kinabuhi, ayaw mo panghilabot sa uban.”

There are really people in this office who can’t stay formal, who can’t live in a day without making others mad by disturbing them for what they are doing.

Playful, irksome, troubled with finding the true identity, possessed with huge attitude problem—that’s who they are.

I’ve been so thoughtful with their manners, but starting today, I wanted to express that I won’t be smiling at you all the time because there are things in you that pains the head of people around.

And it’s no more acceptable, no more desirable, no more appreciable. “Nidako na jud imung ulo” and I’m no more pleased with what you’re showing.

Try examining yourself now and check if many are still happy with you. And why don’t you just sit in one chair and focus on your stuff? I think that would be better for you and for all.

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1 chikaDORAs:

Unknown said...

bitaw te do...

that's why staying in the office is not that comfortable anymore. some pipol think na they've got everything n control. pray for them nlng :)