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Letcheng pets

I really hate pets!

For two or more months now, I’m already used of having hamsters inside the room because of my roommate. She has two hamsters, a joint property of her and her boyfriend. They name their pets, Bobo and Chacha.

If she doesn’t sleep in the boarding house at night, then my companion is her hamsters, the only living creatures inside the room. Their pets are put in a cage which at the same time served as their playground.

They were good in the past days, very friendly, very cute ones. But last night, my anger boiled up as the other hamster (I’m not sure if that was Bobo), played in its wheel which created a very annoying sound. It bothered my sleep. Honestly, I was very angry at that time.

So what I did was, woke up at 2:30AM, turned on the light, placed a hairpin in the wheel so it won’t stop rotating. Ohh I’m so sorry dear, but I have to. You were very noisy, and it was your fault!

That’s why forever I will hate pets. I don’t love having animals inside the house. They are just headaches, addition to the problems.

So whether I would be given a parrot, chiwawa dog, rabbit or any other animals to take care of or treat as a family member or treat as a valued possession, still, I won’t accept and I won’t show to them my care and love.

To brother (Jonas) who’s always been asking why I don’t like pets, sorry but they aren’t part of my interest.

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