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Angry at them

These days, I have been named by others as an “other” person. Do you know the common vernacular expression, “Others na ka’yu ka”? That’s it, that’s what they mean.

It’s okay for they don’t have any idea how busy I am as a student and as a student-journalist working in the student publication. I don’t care if they call me “others” ‘cause I’d rather do other things than being with them and do nothing but just talk.

And there are more important things to be done aside from them. Who are they by the way? They’re not my parents. They’re not my bosses. They can’t feed me, and can’t even wash the laundry for me.

So should I waste my time with them? Am I obliged to do so? Ohh, I was not born to please you and give an explanation that I can’t go with you.

Before you conclude, please know my schedules first and think if my time with you is worth having with. And please also consider which I should better attend. Thank you!

But still if you can’t understand, then fine.

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