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Interviewer interviewed, reporter reported

As a Mass Com student or a “student journalist” as they say, I used to interview government officials and employees, key officials in the university, common people, and others, but now that I experienced being critically interviewed by a respected and authoritative person in our school, I felt pretty tense.

I’m confident that I am not the one stealing the precious items, but when I entered the silent, cold room, fronting the investigator, I got nervous.

There were only two of us inside. I told him everything I know, and answered all his queries honestly. I was certain with my words.

Now I realize that it’s not easy to be interviewed, especially to answer questions which are out of your expectations and in which you are not prepared with what to say.

I therefore conclude that it’s easy to interview, but hard when you are the one being interviewed. But both parties exert effort to ask and answer.

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