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That black item

After a short time of social networking, I returned and found a black book at the top of my bed. But before touching it, I took supper first. Then, everything was done and the object was calling my attention.

Its title is pretty unique; its cover’s artistic and attractive. I opened it and there, I read the first story. It was a sad love story of a guy who was neglected by the woman he loves so much. Then I continued to read more.

The second story was still, about love, a broken affair. Because of a third party, the love they have been keeping, the promises they have for each other were all turned into ashes.
That was sayang!

Two other tales were about two friends falling in love with each other, the one was fruitful, but the second did not last even a year.

Another story was about the two individuals who undergo the test of their relationship. Yet, despite the hindrances, those who tried to destroy their relationship, they were all losers for at the end, both have brought their love in front of the altar. They defended their love until the last breath, and they did it! Wow, what an inspiring one!

I set aside my assignments, and read more love stories. I spent my whole night with it.

Yes, not all love stories result to happy endings, most are really sad. But at the end, no other being wins, it's the person himself, or the two lovers!

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10 chikaDORAs:

D.L. Verzosa said...

hello... just dropping by... have a great week!!!

optimistic dora said...

@ Ailee

thnx ai! hehehe... God bless!

Leofhila said...

pahiram ng book nah tinu2koy mo dai... hehehe...

Na curios kac aq.. hehehe

optimistic dora said...

@ leofhila kuha na's tag-iya mn dai! hehehe...

Leofhila said...

sayang... hehehehe... :)

optimistic dora said...

@ leofhila

chada jd tah to xah dai...padugo lang lge, heehhe...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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