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One year of wishing

It’s been a tradition in Young Life that during every first meeting of the year, a member writes his prayer lists. In a small colored paper, one lists down his needs, wants and desires for the year. After that, the piece will be stored inside the bottle, and will be read on the next year to find out if which among those were attained.

I’m glad to see that out of 24 wish lists I wrote last January 14, 2009, 15 of them were granted. The basics and even the impossible things were noted down there.

Then we shared two of our major blessing and two most answered prayers. There were laughter and realizations. Some were surprised on the other senseless and funny things they wrote. Some were overjoyed that the things they really aim for and the unexpected did happen. But above all, everybody is very much thankful that 2009 was still a blessing, and that despite the pains and struggles, we are able to surpass the year.

Tonight, on the first meeting of YL-Dumaguete for 2010, we again list down our wishes and prayers, for the things that we wanted to happen and be granted on the next twelve months.

We’ll open it next year and I hope, God will still stay with me all the time, to help me make my wishes and dreams come true, not only for my self, but for everybody who means to me.

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