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It’s getting cold

Kung sa Tagalog pa, “lumalamig na!”…hindi ang panahon kundi ang pagsasamahan natin.

We used to be so close, we even eat together, we laughed together, we go out and buy, we shared even our deepest pains…but suddenly, because of a certain occasion, everything slowly changes and every time I see you, I see a different you.

I don’t know if you took it seriously, or am I just wrong of having felt this way? I don’t know why you turned out to be someone whom I don’t used to know and be with.

Tell me, what have I done? Why are you showing me the other side of your identity? Tell me that I’m wrong of judging you, maybe you’re in the state of wanting to be alone this time, and I understand that.

But stay as you were before because that what makes you special from the rest.

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