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No more place to escape to

No one is escape from love. It will really strike you no matter how much effort you do to get away from it.

Love comes in your most unexpected moment, at the time that you need it, or at the moment that you need someone to fix your broken heart and complete it again.

If you’re one of the targets, then cupid will find its way to hit you with his arrow. Sometimes, there’s no more looking back to who were you before, where and when you started to know each other, there's no more looking back of the past.

Nobody is left empty, for a reserved being is meant to complete someone’s life.

How nice it is that though the world is filled with hatred, still, love dominates above all. It’s an unpaid feeling knowing that you are surrounded with love.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It keeps the world going and it keeps us alive.

Let us all be inspired because of love, let's not stop loving...

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