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Takoyaki, eehh...

I’ve been to Ever Mall many times, but this afternoon was my first time eating takoyaki. Through a friend’s treat, I made a taste with a Japanese delicacy.

Its smoke and smell, the rare way it is cooked, the line of people buying, and the vendors invited my attention.But when I made the first scoop using the small black fork from the plastic glass where it is placed, my expectation was defeated. I thought it’s very delicious.

I know you have your own judgment too, but if you ask me, I don’t like the taste of takoyaki, maybe because of the vegetables inside it, or because of its sauce. Japanese foods do not really soothe to my taste, except for tempura
and siomai.

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4 chikaDORAs:

Author said...

I have tasted Takoyaki yet. It looks delicious to me, but I'm not sure about the taste.

I love sushi!

Super Kaloy said...

Hala nanu ala man ko gi-invite nimu Doh?! Ahw...apil2x?

Nakakaun na jud ka ug pagkaun namu!jejeje


optimistic dora said...

@ Ilenov

it doesn't taste good for me. i haven't try sushi yet. let's find out if i'l agree with the taste...

optimistic dora said...

@ DJ Rem

sori na gd jeh,unxpected libre mn gd toh, hehe... i don't lyk ur foods mn, ahw? except lge jd sa tempura and siomai, hehehe...