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Perfect diary

Of all the days, today perhaps is the perfect of them all. I spent it wisely...a day of fulfillment! Let me share it with you…

I slept late but I woke up early. Actually, we had a visitor who slept with us in the room. When I went outside the room, I saw my other board mate, sitting silently (maybe, “emote-portion” again). I talked with her, it was a serious conversation. Then I took a bathe, and proceeded to the Freedom Park for a practice in interpretative dancing (one of our final requirements in a minor subject). I and Mommy Ritchel had a hard time formulating actions (of course! we’re not dancers). But we did it! Aside from that, we also successfully planned for our props and costumes. Only God knows on the outcome of this presentation.

After that, I went back to the boarding house, but I together with my three other board mates immediately went to the chess center, near Praxevilla Tennis Club for no one played there. An old man came and played as my opponent. Honestly, he’s very good when in comes to chess. With those several times we played, I didn’t win even once. According to him, it is only now that he’s in senior years, that he became interested with the game. He never taught us the techniques as what the “Capitolyo Masters” had, but he told us to always have defense with our pieces. Every Sunday, he went to this place only to play chess, but unlike other players, he never did use the game as a way of gambling.

Few minutes after, came the chess players from Sta. Catalina and dared for a game involving money. Then one cute guy from the city answered the deal and played. Wow, they’re really good! They need to move a piece within 10 seconds, and as I watched them, I also observed their techniques.

I went back to the house and ate lunch, took a bath again, and went to the terminal for Bajumpandan. Yes, Bajumpandan but not for ROTC, but of going to Divina’s house (my friend). I spent my whole afternoon there, ate maja blanca while watching tv, then go for a Videoke, non-stop singing! I met her mother, brother and sister, cousins, ante and uncle, and their neighbors. The family is very hospitable to me. They even asked me to return, anytime I want to.

At 6:00 pm, I left their house. While riding on a motorcycle, I met Ante Mona who was also Divina’s ante. She is friendly and talkative (like me). We never missed the ride without talking. She shared with me her teenage years, when she started falling in love, and now that she’s a wife and a mother. She also advised me not to waste everything, the opportunities, and not to fail the parents’ expectations.

Together, we went to the Cathedral. After that, we separated ways. I went to the “tiangge”, bought rice and viand for the night. While walking, someone texted to have an overnight in the publication office, he wants me to accompany him, for he thought, there might be no other students who stay overnight.

When I reached home, I ate my supper, and took a bathe for the third time. I went to the office and encoded this diary with a happy face, and slept at 2:00 am.

PS: Actually I’m planning to visit my other friends’ houses. Who knows, yours will be the next! Just welcome me nalang sad… (lol)

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Chubskulit Rose said...

just came to visit..

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optimistic dora said...
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optimistic dora said...

@ chubskulit

thanx for visiting again, God bless u!