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"Hey now!"

“and instantly I feel so completed
it hits me right about the time you kiss my cheek
and you give me this feeling
its like no other feeling
but it knocks me off my feet

please dont ask me what I like about you
cause its every little thing you do
and thats just the way you make me feel”

I stayed overnight in the office alone, and silence covered the place. But actually, I did not feel any fear. They said, "myrtle" is living there but I was the only one making noise. Haha, good that it did not let me see its figure.

But if not because of that overnight, I would not discover this song which is for six months now, stored in my flash drive, together with the other songs I have. It's "Hey now" a song from the FM Static. This is really nice! There are lots of songs to choose to, but this is the one I played for almost 30 times 'cause it do suits to the taste of teenagers, like you.

If you have time, please also listen to the song. I know you won't regret. If you do, blame me. hehehe, but I 'm not joking, you will surely like it too.

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