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Those days...

As I walk along the open court and watch Physical Education students dancing, I can remember my PE 121 days too. The times of practice in front of the Capitol Building are still fresh to my thoughts. Though tiring ‘cause we usually did our group practice late in the evening, it was enjoyable because the efforts are worthy, and because of that, I’ve to come to meet more faces.

I can still remember my partner who was also stiff when dancing, same with me. Even if both of us dance badly, still we get the steps because of our determination to pass the already considered “major subject” which is a big headache to every student.

I can remember it during practice; I had paired my crushes in dancing because my partner has not yet arrived, ahw? lol! Actually, it made me happy.

I can still recall when one night (on midterm week), I had to decide where to focus my time and attention—to my lessons in other subjects, to continue practicing the other dance, to work on my requirements, or to practice my talumpati for the next day, etcetera, etcetera.

PE is only a 2-unit subject but based on experience, I would honestly say that almost 50% of my time was devoted to that…but I never regretted anything because it helped me grow, and build confidence. It also develops my ability in dancing, ahw?

Bastah, I miss my PE days but I don't want to go back to times when I need to sacrifice other things just for this.

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