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What happened John Lloyd?

Recently, I heard that John Lloyd Cruz whom I shared my 2 years with (as boyfriend), was attracted with Ruffa Guiterrez. And Annabelle Rama, the mother pushed my John Lloyd that if he's really in love with Ruffa, he should admit it in public. Anabelle even added that John Lloyd is the reason why she had misunderstanding with her daughter.

But for that long years that I and John Lloyd shared as secret lovers, I know that he, though hot and good looking does not easily get mesmerized with very beautiful ladies, especially tall ones and "socialeras". He even shared that his types are the girls who are simple. Remember? Aside from me, he also had a relationship with Liz Uy, and was linked with Kaye Abad and Sara Geronimo, both sweet and charming ladies.

Yes, that's true! John Lloyd is not the type of guy whom you think he is, or maybe you think he's a bad boy!

Then in an interview, John Lloyd honestly said that all "tsismis" spreading in television about him and Ruffa are all FALSE. See? I told you. Most of the male celebrities usually looks for sexy, beautiful ladies, oozing with sex appeal, but John Lloyd's choice is different . That's what I admire most of John Lloyd. Just like his shows, where he usually plays as the actor, he maintains his wholesome image.

He too has a good sense of humor that is seen through his actions when they sing and dance in one of ASAP segments, when "Kanto Boys" rock. Truly, he is talented, kind, and romantic person. I have no regrets why I answered him "yes" though he lives in an extraordinary way as a famous, well-celebrated man in the industry. But I regretted much when I decided to stop our relationship (just last May 17). I just found that he's getting busy with his career. Not like before that despite he's distance from me, he really strive to get a plane ticket just to visit me here and have quality time with me. I just cannot take that only text and call is our way of communication, it's not enough!

I know we've been loyal to each other, but if it's the time to end the relationship which you try to keep and store to last, there's no more way for you to stop it. A man like John Lloyd is hard to find this time, every girl knows that. And I thanked God that for the short time, He gave me John Lloyd.

I hope you'll read this...

John Lloyd, thank you for showing me the real love, for the smiles and happiness you brought in times that I'm lonely, for the care, for supporting me in whatever things I like to engage in, for everything. You became a very important part of my life, and I'm sure, you will be someone I remember as one of my best stories.

I hope you will take care of yourself always, because I care. I'm always here whenever you need me.

If heaven forbids that I and John Lloyd will again cherish a new beginning for a second time relationship, then that would be better! But if he is destined to be with another, it's still ok! In fact, I will support them.

Forever, John Lloyd stays in my heart and I'll always be his number 1 fan and girlfriend!



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7 chikaDORAs:

Chronicles of Bea said...

dora!!!!!!! di naman masyado nakaakaloka ang ilusyon mo! isa talaganh maklaking guni-guni ang lahat! imhinasyon!!!!!!

Unknown said...

haha..bilib na jud qu nmu jud..:)
mao uala mu ng dugai..
cz ur just too perfect for him..haha
its his lost..not yours..haha
ipagpatuloy mu yang malawakang imahinasyon muh..hehe

optimistic dora said...

to chronicles of bea:

walang himala! balang araw, mapapasa-akin din c John Lloyd, my love... hehe...

to pwancesz maiee:

thank u sa suporta! hanggang sa ako'y nabubuhay, patuloy akong mag-iilusyon, hehe... John Lloyd will be mine, soon...

Anonymous said...

mami. hinay2 lng sa iyong mga pantasya..hahaa.. lav yu.

optimistic dora said...

to dianne1114:

ay, di ko ka hinay2 nak,john lloyd na gd nah! hahaha... i luv u john lloyd!

I am Bong said...

i only have one word for this post: AMBISYOSA!


optimistic dora said...

to i am bong:

ok rman ng ambisyosa kuya, at least i have wide dreams... hehehe...