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Great Bayawan adventure!

Expectation and excitement—these were the things that keep whirling on my mind before I reached the farthest place (I have been) in the southern part of Negros Oriental--- BAYAWAN CITY.

Friday, it was raining when I and the rest of my groupmates (Joyliena, Kirsten, Miriam, Ginalyn, and Nestle) in Advertising class rode in a Ceres bus going to the city. I have no regrets in not attending the remaining subjects I have in the afternoon and evening (one minor and two majors) because I know, I will learn and experience more, than what I have in the classroom.

There were drizzles when we finally reached our destination. When I saw stalls of stores near the terminal, I was reminded of Guihulngan. After waiting for Junelah who was left in our trip, we immediately went to another terminal going to Kirsten’s house, at Pagatban, a boundary to Basay.

Truly, the Bayawanons are hospitable and accommodating, and I just felt that I was inside my own house. After lunch, we watched movies then at 5pm, we went to the City Hall to give the letter to Mayor Saraña.

As what Bayawan is most known for, we did not miss our stay without taking a look at the longest boulevard, the pride of the city. Wow, Rizal Boulevard will be four times to that! Then we roamed around the whole city. That was really fun! We were like foreign tourists (lol!) I mean “fake” tourists.

We went back to Pagatban, took supper, watched more movies, and rest. It was so cold at night, so each of us was provided with blanket.

The adventure continues…

We woke up 6:30 on Saturday. Seemed like all of us has the same idea and like. So we did it! We took a bath in the river. At first we went on boating in the long river of Pagatban. Then we transferred in a “balsa”, swam and played in the water.

In the middle part of the waterway, we saw a hidden but magnificent view of a falls and believe it or not, white sands. We also noticed rocks which turned our red in color because of the chemicals brought by a mining corporation.

In the rivers, we saw different pictures of the natives of the place. There were those who were fishing, washing clothes, taking their baths, and with the use of their “bankas”, carrying goods. But I got more surprised when I saw a 2-year old boy filling the top of their roof (sorry if this is wrong, I don’t know the exact English term for “nag-atop”), and another two children of same ages (they both look like 2 year olds), naked while washing their clothes in the river. Wow, they were really different from other children in urban areas.

Because of the great time we had in the river, we did not notice that it is almost 11am, and we will be late in an interview with the mayor. So we washed immediately, and ready ourselves for a meeting with Mayor Saraña. Of course, I wore a formal dress because wow, it is really nice to interview the soon-to-be Vice-governor of the province (as what rumors say).

Unluckily, when we reached the hall, the assistant told us that mayor has some important works to accomplish. So Sir Allen, his executive assistant entertained us. We had the conversation inside the session room, and get Sir Allen as the endorser of BIODIESEL—our main purpose in going to Bayawan.

To make it more informative and to show more of biodiesel, we went to biodiesel farm and processing plant in Cabcabun, a semi-mountainous place. There, we saw coconut and jatropha plantations, and how the oil is made by following its procedure and examining the tanks and other facilities.

Because vehicle was difficult to find in the place, the Engineer of the plant requested the driver of the tractor to send us back to the city. Riding in a tractor was the most unforgettable experience we had in Bayawan, and I can’t imagine how I look, in formal attire inside that big farm vehicle having large wheels which is supposed to be for heavy loads only (lol!).There were lots of shouts and laughs starting from the mountain down to the provincial road.

If you are to ask me about my encounter in Bayawan, oh probably half of your day will be spent listening to my stories.

Thank God that we achieved our purpose. That visit was not only for accomplishing a requirement in a major subject, but also for leisure and exploring about what’s really in Bayawan.

That was a great Bayawan escapade and I will never forget its environment and its people.

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