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Because I'm interested

“I want to work at the Provincial Agriculture’s Office.”

This I told to myself when yesterday morning, I entered PAO. It was not my first time. In fact, during our Environmental Journalism class last semester, PAO was one of our ‘to-go’ offices, in other words, “suki”.

I am the spokesperson (kuno) of the class, so I usually get in first before the others. I introduce the class, the intention of coming, and ask if the interviewee is available. So usually, I am the subject of sometimes ‘harsh’, sometimes ‘mild’ refusals. Seldom when I encounter good employees, officers and interviewees.

Every time I enter PAO, there’s always this different ambiance—inviting and friendly. The employees in the office are very welcoming and accommodating. That’s why I said, “I want to work here,” principally because of its people.

I instantly had this friendly conversation and connection with PAO Clerk II, Ma’am Leonida Sarming. She’s a former barangay captain, serving 20 years in Talay, Dumaguete City. She shared me her story of acquiring a position in PAO while not earning eligibility and licensed from the Civil Service Commission, and only using her Barangay Captain eligibility through the endorsement of former Governor Emilio Macias.

She’s very kind and really different from the rest of the employees I know. I like her actually because of her attitude and the way she receives people coming in the office.

Because of my intention to work in PAO, I asked her if there are job opportunities or available slots for Mass Com graduates in the office, but she honestly told me that Mass Com grads could hardly find jobs in agriculture offices such as the Negros Oriental Agriculture Office.

Ahh, okay ma’am, *sigh*. Anyways, PAO will always be one of my favorite offices to conduct an interview and to befriend employees.

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