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All is still well (taken from the three idiots)

All of us (4th year Mass Comms) only had a four to six-hour sleep after shooting the first group’s magazine show in Mabinay, yesterday. It was tedious, yet fun.

I and my group which is assigned to feature the island of Siquijor will be shooting today—Sunday, February 27, 2011. As host of the show, I prepared the copy of the script for the three segments, charged the video camera and set the other equipment that will be needed. I snoozed 30 minutes past midnight and woke up at 4:10AM, so I only had a less than three hour-rest.

As told by Amor (and as what was told to her by someone from Jazzel fast craft ticket booth), there’s a 5:15AM trip from Dumaguete to Siquijor. But when we arrived at the seaport, a man said that the earliest trip to Siquijor on Sundays is 9AM through Delta fast craft. Since my classmates were in the port as early as 5 in the morning, some of them opted to stay there, while some went out to eat, and others went back to their every house, like me who nap for a while in my boarding house.

When we were ready for the 9AM trip, we bought tickets and paid the terminal fee. But my classmates told that the trip is moved to 10AM. Okay, fine. But we proceeded inside so the wardrobe and make-up personnel can give me a face-lift, fix my hair and my attire for the opening shoots of the show.

Yes, I love my make-up so much. Thanks to Ruthergen’s creative hands and Abigail for my exotic hairstyle. Unfortunately, the trip is again moved to 10:30AM, yet we started shooting for the departure (kuno) of the host and the crew, and of course, my opening spill.

“We are now leaving the City of Gentle People and in God’s will, despite the bad weather, we are riding safely in Delta 3 to see what lies ahead in the mystical island,” I can clearly recall my line when I was about to get inside the vessel.

Yes, we were comfortably sitted, excited (especially for the first timers) to visit Siquijor. I also am very excited for our magazine show as the first group is already done shooting.

But after several minutes of waiting for the vessel to start, a fast craft crew announced that, “We will be delayed for 10 minutes ma’am, sir.” Hahai, another delay (napod?) for the nnth time. Okay, good that some passengers were patient. But more than 10 minutes had passed, so the passengers started querying. Some stood to clarify, while many complained about Delta’s inconvenience.

Then all the passengers at the back stood up and lined up to get out of the vessel. We also followed what they did. Aside from radio reporter Mr. John Dx Lapid who is also our instructor in this subject, a certain Alex who is also a radio personality said, “Wala’y ayu ning Delta. Kitang duha, ato ning banatan ugma (telling to Dx)” That’s good so they (Delta Management) will learn their lesson.

The real reason why the trip was postponed was because of the faulty engine. But why didn’t the Delta crew check on this prior the trip so they could have informed the passengers earlier. Aren’t they checking their machines and engines before departing? The blame is really put on the heads of these Delta personnel. So negligent!

The passengers were mad, disappointed. And who wouldn’t feel gloomy with that, when you’re more than prepared to accomplish your purpose of going into that place, yet your efforts, money, materials, etcetera will only turn to ashes? When a vehicle is already waiting as you and the whole group arrives in Siquijor? Why? Why our group? Why today? Does the machine problem or deferment indicate that an unwanted thing is waiting in the island if we’ll insist to pursue with the trip?

On the other side of the port, Jazzel fast craft was approaching. It came from Siquijor. I saw the arrogant faces of its crew upon seeing that Delta encountered problem and that its passengers are bad tempered. As it reaches the port, Delta passengers were rushing to buy ticket for Jazzel so they can ride on the soonest possible trip. Our group instead, stopped at the other corner and just looked at the rushing passengers. We’ve decided not to pursue because we have no more enough time to shoot in four different locations (the second segment will feature two places), and after realizing that by 4PM (which is the last trip), we have to go back to Dumaguete. Alang-alang na kayu’s oras.

As a distant, we saw passengers getting in Jazzel fast craft. They looked relieved. But after few minutes, they went out, and then get in. But then again, they went out because they are overloaded. My gosh, does this have to happen today in two sea vessels before our very eyes? I believe this is really a sign of bad occurrence…that if the passengers pursue, maybe something will happen in the middle of their trip.

When Nestle and I left, the passengers were still outside and we don’t know what happened next. But I do regret the trip. Makaguol kaayu. We’re all ready, but due to an engine problem and negligence of the crew, we have to bear with them and with the weather, and accept the fact that we are postponed.

So that’s it! That’s the postponed Siquijor magazine shoot. We’ll be moving the shoot next week, but I and my classmates have already spent more, more than a lot—foods to fares to other stuffs—just for this.

Maybe today is not our day to shoot. Yes, maybe a sign that February 27 is the day to rest. Okay, the shoot is rescheduled to March 6, 2011. I hope that that would be the right time. Please grant that to us Lord. Help us make this shooting a successful one. Please guide us in the whole trip.

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