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Sir Amardz: "…Witmann said for the most part, we do not just see but we define first and then see."
Sheilim: "Refine sir?"
Lein: "Ai, kalamay?"

Whahaha, patay!

Sheila: "Ma’am, si Ramie, dili na pod si Amor iyang gi-interview, si China na pod."
Dora: "Oh dayun?"
Sheila: "Yawa ka do, yawa ka do!"

Whahaha, strike one!

While the employee is not yet done talking, and while the office is filled with silence:
Sheicatz: "Okay ma’am, thank you ma’am!"

(ahw, nag-una2 wala pa gne gipagawas?) hahaha…

These are just some of the funny dialogues we shared for the entire day—from the Ethics class of Sir Amarado, to our whole afternoon business news legging.

It was indeed tiring. But because of the jolly people who I was with, the weariness is barely observed.

We laughed all the time despite the excruciating sun, the humiliations of some heads and employees, despite the resufes, despite every negative encounter.

But this is the life of a Mass Com student before and now, so we have to persist for the sake of passing. Anyhow, this will end soon as March is getting nearer.

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2 chikaDORAs:

Emoterang Prinsesa said...

tay sa ma'am murag mu react rku ato.hihi.akong gi sulti kay "Ma'am si Ramie di npud si Amor ang gi interview si China napud,". mao na ang sakto.hihi

Dayon kato sa office kay na slide rato sa akong dila,.hihhi

optimistic dora said...

@ emoterang prinsesa:
haha, sori kaayu. edit na ma'am! hehehe...