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Envy, delighted, moneyed, etc

After eating two bars of Snitch Strawberry and Chocolate this morning, I checked my gmail and blog accounts. In my cbox, there was this someone named Cheset who left a message saying that she’s “blogwalking”. So I clicked her name and poof, her profile appeared in the screen. Also checked its URL,

Wow, what can I say? I was greatly amazed with her page, so nice! I’m envy, how did she do that? In the header are cursors for her tumbler, twitter, youtube, formspring and facebook accounts. It’s like her blog is an avenue for all her social networking sites.

It’s a three-column blog profile where you get to see advertisements, posts of any interest, updates on her other sites, photos, etcetera. I’m really jealous on her blog. I think that’s the third most amazing and well praised blog I’ve seen and read in my whole life. Two thumbs up for Cheset!

But nothing could beat the happiness I felt when I received a message from mama that she’ll buy me something new. I remember last night, I appealed to her (it was just a joke) and shared her some details about my living and belongings here.

Another was, I received a blessing out of my short-term tv and streets exposure for doing some hosting last Friday. So, I treated my course mates at Nieva’s Pizza.

In the afternoon, our honorarium was released so it means another blessing. Wow, so rich for today! But I need to keep a little amount for savings and for the coming days or months.

In the evening, we had a surprise birthday bash to our generous Public Information, Public Relations, and Gender Issues teacher, Mrs. Concepcion Rosales. She was surprised. She did not expect that we know her day. Maybe she forgot that she mentioned it when we went to her house two months ago.

Anyway, aside from the cake, we gave her a book with our individual messages at the back of it. Happy natal day once again to you Ma’am Conney. We do love you!

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Unknown said...

Checked her blogs do! :) Those are just pages. I can make you one if you like! E link2 rman na do :p