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Recalling the past

When I was in elementary specifically in the 5th grade, I went out of the house 6:30 AM. My parents believed that at this time, I’ve already reached school, but actually, not! I was still within the vicinity of our place, in our neighbor’s house…not because of the reason that I went talking, or eating in other’s table, or watching tv, or doing unnecessary things, but of waiting for my schoolmate.

I can’t imagine how patient I was during those mornings, that sometimes, I was even the one waking her up, and had to wait until she’ll be done wearing her uniform and prepared for school.

That happened because before, I was afraid and shy walking alone. I didn’t even want to ride on my own. It was like seeing my self having no other friends at all.

When I was still the only girl of the family, I used to play on my own, while my father is watching me in a distance. I had many neighbors but I preferred to be a loner. That was me before I entered elementary, that’s why I don’t want to be the same girl again.

It was only in Grade 1 that I was able to start meeting friends of the same age. I used to have close friends, but when I transferred to another school when I was in Grade 5, there was a need for me to adjust because another faces are present. Almost all of them were new to me, that’s why Rhea was my best companion. But when I knew my classmates, I became close to them.

I meet more and befriend them. I grow up and develop to be someone who knows how to deal with people, in different ages and status.

Rhea is not the only friend I have, but there are many of them now. The past has contributed big to who I am in the present.

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