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What an amount?!

I only knew last Friday afternoon that my beat in Dx’s class is the Provincial Engineer’s Office. And since Mr. Dx Lapid will check our scripts on Monday evening, so I went on the morning of the same day to do my assignment.

When I was in the main office, I spoke to one of the employees, but he referred me to the other woman on the desk. I went to her but then again, she referred me to another person . This time it’s Mr. Alpuerto, the Engineer IV of the province who according to the woman, can give me the report of accomplishments for the year. I introduced my self and told him of my intention. I expected that he will really help with the details, but unfortunately, I still got nothing. He said he can't answer my questions so pointed me the office of Ma’am Gutib, the resident "something" (I forgot the position) of the head of the provincial engineers. And finally, I got some facts.

Well, I understand the situation, and whether I like it or not, I need to accept the fact that if I'm the one needing, patience should be present. Though difficult, but I have no choice. It's part of my course.

When I was inside Gutib's office, she let me see the“Status Report” as of September 30, 2009. And a big, "Oh my God!" I was shocked upon knowing the budget allocated for the projects in the province. Even small and simple undertakings for every town or city cost thousands already. Maybe, that was only my emotion because I was not used seeing such amounts in paper, and some were already utilized. But with huge projects like the P150 million Negros Oriental Convention Center Hotel Portion, I was not that surprised.

But my adventure in the Engineer's Office did not end there. I need to ask another higher officer who can give me further details about the other building being constructed beside the convention. I’m sure, many got intrigued with that building too, but to let you know, on that site, Convention Center Hotel Portion will soon rise. That was the only information I got, because the officer-in-charge was called for a meeting with the Governor. So what I did was, leave my questions to her, and just come back in the afternoon.

As of now, that’s the only thing I can share. I'll tell you more on my next visit to the office. hehe...

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