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Noodles’ week

I anticipated this week to be a noodles’ week because of the many packs of noodles mama sent me.

I know I’ll be eating a lot of it for the whole week. And as what they always say, I wish those noodles will give me an assurance for a longer life.

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4 chikaDORAs:

just.aian said...

uhm...Do...pwede mangayo?hehehe...
duol ra among bhaus do basun ganahan ka mang-share...

D.L. Verzosa said...

gusto ko ren magpaka-chinese/japanese/korean sa pagkain ng noodles... heheh kung nasa sarili ko lang akong bahay, OK sana un... hahahha

Unknown said...

haha. dor, makadaot rba na!Ü

pakupsan! haha :)

anywaym ayaw cgeha dor!:)

Author said...

ano bang nice na gawin sa noodles aside from the usual hot water.

have u tried noodles with malunggay?

noodles with corned beef?

mami noodles na ginawang pancit canton?

noodles with sari sari vegetables?

noodles with egg?

noodles with sardines?

i love noodles.