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Ang pasaway ko'ng kapatid

I received a text message from mama this noon that my good sister did a kind of foolishness last night.

Mama said that they [my sister and her mates] will only present a dance on the fiesta of a certain barangay in our town, as said by my sister when she asked permission from them [mama and papa] and return right after their number.

But she did not the follow with the agreement. She returned home at dawn already. And worst, she got drunk (through her smell).

I really got angry when I read the text. If I’m only home that time, I can’t imagine what I’ve done to her. She’s only 13, and she knows drinking sessions already.

Now, I realized that her friends are of bad influence to her. I don’t want to be judgmental but they’re who I think was the start of all. I don’t want to be strict when it comes to who my sister will befriend of. I don’t want to dictate who her companions should be, but I just want to make sure that she’s in good hands, comparing to the same friends I had when in was at the same age.

But I hope that she will realize what the possible consequences may be in doing this act, especially that she’s still young. I know it’s not too late to change and to clean her image.

Despite that, I still love my sister. Though we’re very different from each other, I still accept her. That shows her imperfection as a human being, but she’s a still a perfect sister to me, to the four of us, and a daughter to mama and papa.

Kahit pasaway, love ka pa rin namin ray!

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