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I just miss them..

Life away from the family is really hard, especially when you are sick. Since I entered college, whenever I have fever, I need to strive on my own to feel better, I have to cure my self. And I have to tell mama and papa that I'm just okay, for them not to worry 'cause whenever they heard that I'm sick here, somebody will come to take care of me and attend my needs. "Okay ra lge ko, mabaw ra ning hilanata," this was what I always told them.

But unlike now… One Sunday afternoon when I had high fever, it was hard to keep that I'm fine. I cried the whole afternoon, with the thoughts of missing the most important people in my life. I wanted their hugs, their hands reaching for me. I wanted to go home, but I can't because of limited time. When they called (through cellphone) me to ask for my condition, I can't help but cry more especially when I heard Papa's voice. Every member of the family talked to me. I really miss everybody in the house--my sisters, mama & papa, my nanays and tatays, lolo & lola, aunties, uncles, my young cousins.

But I always stick on to the words of my papa--"antos lang gud gamay bisag mingaw na kaau"... Until when? Until when will I suffer these moments of missing them?

At 5:00 pm, my cousin came and brought me medicines and foods. Three hours after, mama arrived all the way from La Libertad. When she was in the boarding house, I tried to be active. I showed to her that I can smile despite the headache and coldness I felt. I even cracked jokes on her just to see her fine checking my condition. She brought me more foods, fruits and medicines, and it's a way of knowing that they really care for me, that they love me. On the next day, mama returned early because my other sister, Amanda also has a fever. But one thing is for sure, I will never be tired of loving my parents.

For everybody, please do always take care of your self. Do not neglect your health for it is your greatest investment. If you're not feeling well, do not hesitate to tell it to others, especially to your family because they know the best for us.

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6 chikaDORAs:

Paul Denver Sy said...

Ug natakdan pod d.i kah doh sah pandemic na sakit? awh... amping dorah! if you can still remember what you told me, IKAON RAH NAH YOTCH!.. take care of your self doh and drink daghan water..

Super Kaloy said...

.,.TRUE jud!!!
lageh Doh, you have to tell to your parents also your present relationship! aw, jowk.,.
bitaw, pagaling...daghan naman tah ani oi...mga SUHIRAN!!!hehe
seasonal flu ra jud ni...A(H1N1)palayo..maluoy!!!

optimistic dora said...

@ Paul Denver Sy

natakdan jd! ay, thank u d'i yotch! hehe... ikaon ra jd nih and water therapy....

optimistic dora said...

@ DJ Rem

present relationship? hah, unza nih jeh? hehehe... seasonal flu ra nih, au2 nman nuon koh gamay, ahw? hehe... ikw?

just.aian said...

I agree jud!
lisod aning magkasakit ka na layo sa family...

kani ra jud na mga moments sa akong life na mamiss nako among balay...hehehe...

optimistic dora said...

@ Prinsesang Palaka:

btaw yanz, lisud kau uy! ma balaw2 pa ka'g pangita's mga paryente dri, ahw? hehe, mura po'g naa...