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Horrible Friday

It was 3:14 am when I woke up to finish my assignments. Six minutes later, they were all outside—my board mates. There was noise (as usual), and I thought they will go jogging in the grandstand. But how come... would even male boarders join the girls?

I just listened to them as they talked, but few minutes after, I heard screams from the ladies. So I went out…they shared what they found. They remained awake from 2:00 until 3:15 am before telling our other board mates that somebody is in the roof and in the pathways of the house…a thief, or shall I say thieves!

I saw one of our board mates bringing a long knife just in case the person will appear. I then knew that last year, the boarding house was frequently visited with thieves because some of the boarders had expensive gadgets.

My two female board mates who are staying in the same room shared that there was a shadow of a man standing in front of their door. “He was a big man,” they added.

My other companions also noticed that there was really someone walking along the pathways…and slow footsteps was what they heard. They suspect more when the dog inside barked very loud.

Usually, there are two persons in one room. In my case that time, I was the only one inside our room because my roommate went to the hospital. With those words from my board mates, I got scared. Then we returned to our every room after that screaming conversation.

I made it sure that my door is locked, and the windows are closed. Then I continued working on my assignment. But the more terrible incident took place, when at around 3:52 am, the electricity turned off because of brown out.

Honestly I can hardly move, I can’t even manage to press a key in my cell phone. I can’t move even one of my fingers. I froze…I didn’t know what to do. Horror conquered me so.

Then here comes the most terrible encounter…the knob of our door was squeezed, and how would it happen if nobody would try to do that? I think there was someone outside my room. I know it wasn’t an imagination or illusion, but the squeezing is the proof.

I remained in my position wishing that it would be morning. Until, thanks God…the electricity went back at 4:04 am (I kept in track with the time).

I decided not to continue with my work because of fear. I left my assignments unfinished when it need to be submitted tomorrow.

I slept but my thoughts remained on the incident. I slept just for the sake of closing my eyes and escaping from that mystery.

I then told my roommate as to what had happened. And she told our landlady about it. Our landlord wants us to justify the incident or else he will close the gate every 10:00 pm. In other words, we’ll have curfew now, if that really was a thief, or thieves.

If that will assure the security of the boarders and our properties, then I will abide with that rule.

But until now, it’s hard to erase the encounter I had. Questions continue disturbing me. “What if that thief/thieves entered my room? What happens to me now? Did that incident mean that I need to transfer to another boarding house?

All I wish now is for that thing not to happen again. I don’t want to be horrified that way. It was truly scary...

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4 chikaDORAs:

Super Kaloy said...

.,.hala ka Doh!!!

optimistic dora said...

@ DJ Rem

btaw, scary jd jeh!...

Unknown said...

yikes. i never encountered such experience.

optimistic dora said...

@ the donG

yeah, u shud be thankful dat u haven't experience such thing yet...