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He’s with ME

These past few days, I’ve been worried. Not of a love life, family affair, financial or material, but worried with my grades. What if I cannot reach the cut-off grade requirement?

And there is really this subject which I feared of – Literature 115 (World Lit), a very difficult subject under a very tough teacher. Yeah, this is one of our majors so I need to strive for this.

For six months in dealing with this, I know I did my best. I poured out everything. But I don’t think my teacher would also see all my efforts. What if my best is not enough for her? Because this teacher of mine is known as one of the most difficult teachers to pass in the university, she doesn’t even care of your cut-offs.

The week after the final exam, I went to my teachers to find out the status of my grade. Another problem arose; this is in one of my minors. I found out that I was not able to pass the final exam in PE 122. I thought I already know the plotting, but that was not the right try. So as additional points, instead of a project, my teacher gave me a research work, plot a game, and asked me to make a proposed schedule of it.

I finished and submitted all requirements in all subjects before the school year ends. And the time for giving of grades came. My heart beats faster, I was more afraid of what will the outcome be.

But I never expected things to happen. Good news starts coming my way. I got more than the cut-off in LIT; I passed in PE; and my other subjects are doing well.

I realized, I just lacked the trust to myself. But not now anymore, because I know God never leaves me. He showed his love and mercy the time that I needed the most. He once, twice, thrice, many times helped me, and I believe He will do it once more, and more in my journey as a student.

Now I’m living everyday wearing big smiles because of Him. I truly thanked God. What happened to me is not a miracle, but a blessing. And I know it will also happen to everybody.

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2 chikaDORAs:

Unknown said...

he's with me too. im happy to know people who rely and value God.

optimistic dora said...

we both rely and value God. He's really good! dba?